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World of Warcraft: Beginners Guide to Making Gold

Making money in any form is always going to be hard no matter whether it’s real life currency or in-game. I’ve always found it difficult saving up and that’s now one of my goals this year as I always end the month broke.

There are many easy ways of making Gold in World of Warcraft, but they can be overlooked when you’re questing away and spending your money on this and that. Here are just a few ways I found quick and easy.


Professions – Materials and items


With each profession, you can gather materials and create items that are needed by the higher levelled players. Remember that there are a lot of very wealthy players that don’t want to do all of the heavy lifting themselves and rely on people to go out and get the resources for them. There are planned routes online for each gathered materials for them and then sell it to them. With Heirlooms introduced as well, the value of raw materials, as well as made items using professions, has gone up!

WoW Token


Have you seen these tokens on the auction house? They can be exchanged for subscriptions to the game and can be bought with in-game money nowadays instead of only real currency. So really you could play WoW for free even at a high level, but each token costs over 200,000 gold. Ouch! In GPB one costs £17 and you can sell it at the auction house for the fixed price it is up for.



Grinding through quests and levels is the most basic way of making money but it takes a very long time. Just stick with it and you’ll soon make good money, but saving up for those cool mounts and armours may take a while longer. Don’t forget to do Dungeons and Raids when your level lets you too as this will give you a boost in your virtual wallets.

Crafting – Mounts, Bags etc


As well as selling your materials and small crafted items such as bronze bars, you can work hard to reach a high level in your selected professions and even make mounts. You can then sell these on Auction to other players for a lot of gold. However, getting the materials is a bit of a grind if you don’t want to pay for them and getting to that level is also a bit of a journey. But if you want to make mounts and bags, this is something you can do along with questing, tokens and selling your materials to get to a point of selling some sweet sweet mounts.

And that’s it really. There are no loopholes or quick fixes unless you buy the tokens, but if you keep at it, like anything, you will be able to become a rich elf, gnome, dwarf or whatever you play!


All images are screenshots I have done myself from within the game.

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