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Battle your winter cold

So the season is here and we’ve all been snuggling up with family and friends for Christmas! Now it’s back to work and no one feels up to the task when feeling a little under the weather. I was full of cold this Christmas but managed to battle it quickly with a little routine.

Warm drinks & Lemsip


Drink plenty of warm drinks. Especially Lemsip. Honestly, I can’t stand the stuff but it will improve your symptoms quicker, so if you can get past the sour taste then dive right into it in your get well routine! (There is also black current Lemsip if you’re like me and just can’t stomach lemon).



Now, I don’t tend to use painkillers unless I feel absolutely dreadful but if I need that quick recovery then anything will go. Just stick to your bog standard paracetamol and take it every four hours and it should keep the more severe coughs and headaches to a minimum.


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Plenty of naps help as you’re basically skipping chunks of the day where you’re just sitting around feeling bunged up. It helps your body relax and recuperate more and despite feeling a little worse when you initially wake up, it’ll give you the energy you desperately need when you’re poorly.

Keep warm and cuddled up in all of your favourite pyjamas and blankets. Sink into your squishiest pillows and just keep nice and warm.

Blow! (And sneeze)

In many a cold, I have made the awful mistake of not blowing my nose often enough. It sounds grim carrying around tissue everywhere but it’s better than sniffling like mad, plus you’re getting rid of all of the stuff your body really could do without. It’s a foolproof plan and I have found that if I do it whenever I get the tiniest sniffle in my nose, it’s gone away much quicker than if I just left it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that holding sneezes in won’t get you anywhere (Believe me I’ve done it way too much when with people). Whoever you’re spending Christmas with will just have to handle your sneezing.


Now I know these things seem obvious, but when we’re poorly, it’s easy to forget and try to fight through it without these steps. If you’re back in work soon and can’t be dealing with your Christmas cold getting in the way, this is what will help you become better quicker. Get well soon!


Photos used from PEXELS. Thank you to the photographers that donate their photos to the website.

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