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I have always been a huge fan of Prison Architect and can’t stress how many hours a day I have spent trying to keep my prisoners happy and within the prison walls. But after a while, I felt that I wanted a game that was very similar, but bigger!

Rimworld has the style and mechanics of Prison Architect and has expanded with how much you can achieve and how much replay-ability you can enjoy. You start as a few colonists that crash land in little pods onto this mysteriously, randomly generated world, and it is up to you whether they will survive until they can escape, or if they’ll die from countless threats.




The raw resources that are available to you on your piece of this planet are vital to your survival. In order to have your colonists thrive, getting them to cut trees for wood, harvest heal-root for medicine and hunting animals for food are all things that are a must. I found it so much fun thinking about the next step I had to take, whether it was that I needed to mine some steel for my generators or hunt down some racoons for tea. It can get very testing when there are several problems to address at a time, but it’s all a part of the experience and I love it.


Home comforts


Rimworld has a vast amount of buildings and objects that you can have your colonists create to make their lives easier and almost homely. Building a research bench then expands on that list by giving you even more content to grasp onto and build. It’s entirely up to you on what you use, how you use it and what shape your colony will take. Are your colonists tired of sleeping on the floor? Make beds. Tired of being in the darkness? Make lights and fuel generators. Do they even complain about nowhere to sit and eat their food? Tables and chairs are a click away.


Workshop Compatible

When recommending where you buy Rimworld, it would have to be through Steam. When it comes to who you’d prefer to buy the game from, it’s up to you but when it comes to Workshop, I’d always choose the community made mods over not having them. They’re fantastic when it comes to Rimworld. Rimworld on its own doesn’t give you the ability to customise your colonist’s hair or shape or clothing colour. And there are a few parts here and there that you will think ‘hey, there’s a mod that makes this aspect of my game better’ and boom! You’ve made your experience better with the Workshop. The perfect tool for this kind of game.


Events & Trading


My favourite aspect of Rimworld is the event and trading systems. I adore how you can arrange a couple of your colonists to take some items to trade and travel across this huge planet to get to another colony and trade with them. Some colonies are better at animals, some at food or weapons. However, some colonies will hate you and not trade, so sometimes you have to travel with your colonists to beat them up and take their stuff. Fair play in my eyes. As for events, I have had to always be on my toes with Rimworld. I could be having the happiest time, with colonists getting married and not starving to death or dying of the plague, and then suddenly a colony decide to raid my colony and kills everyone. That’s shocking enough to be its own series if you ask me. And if it’s not raiding, it’s an animal herd getting revenge because I shot one for food. Do you know how hard it is to kill a whole herd of deer? It’s pretty much impossible.

The most irritating event, however, if when your own colonists go crazy with hunger or fatigue or are just nut cases and start killing each other and burning buildings down. Yeah, it happens. But just throw them in jail for a few days, that usually teaches them to calm down a bit.



Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s a question of if you’re a fan of prison architect. If yes, then Rimworld is right up your alley with so many explorable contents. And if no, well, try it anyway and you might be surprised.





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